State Of Mind logo

State of Mind’s logo is a reference to a French play on words between “état d’ésprit and “état d’âme”, which literally mean “State of Mind” and “State of Soul”. Any State of Mind can become a State of Soul and visa-versa. Sometimes, a “State of Soul” can lead you to dreaming about success, then this success can become a moto in your life, then it can turn into a philosophy and ultimately a State of Mind.

The feminine face appears on the bottom of the fragrance bottle. It symbolises the Soul, whereas the crystal cap with its geometric, triangular, bright, perfect shape represents the Mind.

Overall, State of Mind is a quest to understand the influence that things like tea or fragrances can have on our minds. It looks into the symbolic behind rituals such as a tea ceremony, the act of putting perfume on or the pleasure of lighting a candle at home.