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Discover STATE OF MIND Collection of Artistic Niche Fragrances matching with Perfumed Teas.



Modern Nomad — Oriental Leather Perfume

Natural Elegance — Modern Сhypre Perfume

Sense of Humor — Fresh Citrus Fragrance

Aesthetic Turbulence — Spicy Designer Perfume

Creative Inspiration — Powdery Floral Fragrance

Voluptuous Seduction — Floral Rose Perfume

Secret of Success — Fruity Aromatic Fragrance

Butterfly Mind — Fruity Floral Fragrance

L'Ame Slave — Woody Amber Perfume

Spontaneous Generosity — Caramel Sandalwood Perfume

French Gallantry — Woody Aromatic Scent

Open Mind — Fresh Marine fragrance

Fanfarone Italiano — Gourmand Coffee Fragrance


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