Secret of Success Candle



Secret of Success represents the spirit of personal success. The fragrance first plays with a warm-cold contrast with Cinnamon and Grapefruit, then a contrast between the masculinity of rosemary and Oud and the sensuality of Ylang Ylang. The perfume tries to express the essence of what courage and will is in a successful person.

State of Mind scented candles are handmade in France. They will surprise you by their original shape in squares of wax and the intensity of their perfume. These candles are sold as refills. So you can use them to create your own candle in a vase of your choice.

User instructions :

  • Take the bag containing the perfumed wax cubes out of the metallic box
  • Put the wick in the middle of the box and add the wax cubes around the wick
  • Firmly press down the wax around the wick
  • Light the wick and enjoy the scent

The State of Mind candle burns like a classic candle. To make the scent last longer, put the lid back on after switching it off„. The advantage of the State of Mind candle is that it can burn in various containers: crystal, glass, earth or metal. It will take the shape of the container. This candle is particularly beautiful in a transparent container. A bigger candle can be made out of 3-4-5 recharges of wax and wick. To be used only in re and heat resistant containers. Please avoid putting the candle on the sun orin any hot place before lighting the candle. Keep it out of reach of children.

Diffusion: about 70 hours.



secret of success

“Fortuna audaces juvat” |”Fortune favours the brave”

– | Action is a foundatinal key to all success accoriding to Pablo Picasso.

Aromatic Fruity


Sencha Tea


Ylang Ylang



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Weight 307 g