Synesthesia of the light and the matter

It seems that matter and light are the same thing.

The other day i was looking at an astrophysicist conference’, Christophe Galfard who showed that we leave in a quantum world. It all began with Einstein, who discover how light is made of small packets of energy, then in the 1928 Luis de Broglie, developed the theory for which everything is la light radiation, that earned him the Nobel Prize the following year.

Maybe we should rethink about how we consider tangible and intangible, to our way of feeling. I think of the volatility of a perfume, to the way it crosses us, but above all to syneasthesia.

In the world there are 0,05 to 4% of natural synaesthetics, hard to specify the exact percentage, there are 80 different way to turn on the senses together and for each one is a unique experience. But if we start from the assumption that we are energy, for what reason we are not crossed completely from a feeling?

Recently, a theory still under study, would have speculated that all babies are syneasthetic and growing up brain create sensory pathways different. Well, beyond the fact life teach immediately that aging is a disaster, this hypothesis would know explain the reason why we are all latently synesthetic… we just need the trigger!

The key is to stimulate simultaneously two senses.

And on the subject, the sense of smell is the perfect smell, saw that acts below the level of consciousness. Then, on the basis of what other stimulus you will chose to add, you will have another spell, different for each person, different for the different unexplained sensation, visions, places. It is a journey, An exploration in the literal sense.

State of Minds works on the mindset (sounds, sensations, schemas of posture and breathing and mental images in a given moment) using the combination parfum/taste. And It does so well that I wondered what is the relationship between reality perceived through the induced mind-altered state and our authenticity.

I’ve worn AESTHETIC TURBULENCE and I’ve participated to one of the Catherine’s tea ceremony, the founder of State of Mind. Green tea, pepper, licorice and labdanum have not substituted my mental map (is the way through which we read reality and there’s one for every kind of intelligence) but they enlarged it. AESTHETIC TURBULENCE is the essence of beauty, the sudden turbulence that makes discover the beauty that before was not seen, that thing that escaped and did not allowed to understand. I’m fascinated by this scent. In a course about Kabbalah I found out that beauty and truth are the same thing: that’s why I chose AESTHETIC TURBULENCE  for my experiment. The conclusion was that go to me thoughts which on the contrary would be buried under other. Like my head was a fan that opened thanks a cloud of perfume and a sip of tea. I was more me. I think is that the purpose of synesthesia. I read an article in a magazine in which some natural synaesthetics can see the color of orgasm (that it would be blue violet) but they don’t seem enjoy themselves more than other people. Now to wonder what the reason of synesthesia (in nature everything has a purpose) could be that of feel and see the soul.

To us, artificial synaesthetics remains the parfum. A word that come from Latin “per fumum”, that maybe contains a secret message: “through a body that we believed made by matter, and which, instead, is light.


– Christophe Galfard, Univers Parallèles et Révolution Quantique, Ted Paris.

– Sinestesia la contaminazione reciproca tra i sensi, tesi di laurea di Elena Buldrini in Ingegneria biomedica.

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