Behind the brand

Behind the brand

State of Mind Founder

Catherine Laskine-Balandina

She is particularly fond of 2 proverbs, one from China, "Tea is a fragrance to drink, life is contained in a bowl of tea" and one from Japan, "Tea symbolizes Qi, the flow of all living things".

Catherine’s vision of life is very much derived from her "can do attitude". It is all about believing in oneself, in what one does. Confidence brings an immense pleasure in doing things and in doing them well. She is an author of the whole STATE OF MIND universe where the acquaintance with the fragrance begins through a state of mind.

To realize her synesthetic project, Catherine called on extraordinary professionals: a tea taster, a perfumer and illustrators.

Tea Master

Olivier Scala

Coming from a family of tea importers for 5 generations, Olivier Scala began his career at 25 and is initiated very quickly to the skills of tea tasting and buying by his father, RaymondScala. In 1988, he takes over the direction of the company George Cannon.,Under his direction the well-known family owned company will develop its image and volume over the years. In addition to his company responsibilities, Olivier Scala becomes the President of the French «Comité Français du Thé» from 1988 to this day. Olivier Scala initiated the first Tea Festival in Paris in 2005. He also animates conferences at the University of Tea and in the hotel and food schools. His book «Thés» became a reference in the tea industry.


Karine Dubreuil

State of Mind entrust its olfactory identity to a One Nose Karine Dubreuil. Born and raised in Grasse, the worldwide capital of the perfumery, Karine, is paying homage to her hometown by using the best perfumery ingredients in her creations. She studied at the Roure school (now Givaudan) and worked for Mane and Drom before being appointed in-house perfumer at L’Occitane in early 2013, since 2015 Karine is collaborating with the famous house perfumery house Takasago.,She’s composed fragrances such as Eclat d’Arpège by Lanvin, l’Eau des 4 Reines by L’Occitane, Envy me by Gucci, Aqua AlLegoria Pivoine Magique, Yves Saint-Laurent Vice-Versa, Roberto Cavalli Just Cavalli Her, and more. Today she has founded her own house of perfumery VOX PROFUMI.


Elena Minenko

Elena Minenko, illustrator and portrait painter was born in Kiev, Ukraine where she studied in the best schools of classical fine arts. Elena shaped her skills in the famous fashion school (EATM) in Barcelona. She has worked on a variety of projects: such as film production in Odessa, art education at Escuela Catalana de la Moda (Barcelona, ​​Spain), fashion design for the women’s collection of “Antonio Miro” (Spain ).,In 2002, she created her own fashion brand and sold her collections in France, Italy and Japan. In Spain she worked in interior design then moved to Brussels and this focused on illustration, private portraits and sketchbooks for fashion events. Its clients are world famous brands and magazines: Hermès, State Of Mind, Vogue, El País, the legendary “Embassy” restaurant in Madrid.


Kasiq Jungwoo Lee

Based in Jeju island of Korea, Kasiq is an illustration artist specialised in fashion.
He has involved in countless commercial and media projects at the global level including Nordstrom, La Rinacente, Samsung, Volkswagen, LVMH, Wallpaper* etc.
He also performed the artwork for Ed Sheeran’s Divide album.

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