Perfumes & Teas

New concept

Blending the timeless ritual of the tea ceremony with the art of perfumery

Perfume, beyond being a symbol of pleasure, elegance and wealth, has a strong influence on our state of mind. This fascinating perfume’s property is being further explored through this new collection. Tea, similarly to Perfume, brings you to a joyful state, energizes or calms you down; it helps you discover your personal image and awakens your artistic skills. Both, Tea and Perfume generate emotions and feelings affecting our thoughts.

Being in harmony with yourself

The perception of taste is intimately related to smell and the term “taste” encompasses both senses in everyday language. Primary tastes: Salted, Sweet, Bitter, Acid Are completed by olfactory receptors

The retro-olfaction is the physiological mechanism allowing to perceive from the olfactory
system the aromatic characteristics, called flavors, of the foods that are contained in the mouth. In fact, the aromas follow a trajectory passing behind the palate to reach the olfactory epithelium in the nasal cavities.

Art of being happy

By the fondatrice Catherine Laskine-Balandina

My beloved grandmother often told me about China — the Wall of Nine Dragons, the Great Wall, gardens, calligraphy, acupuncture, the lotus flower opening in a cup of tea, the scents and colors of tea shops… Through her wonderful stories, I traveled to the magical world filled with tastes of teas and fragrant gardens.


Fulfilling my childhood dream, Catherine landed a career in fragrances only to face the restrictions on creativity imposed by globalization and commercialization. Luckily, the emergence of artistic perfumery inspired her to create her own brand STATE of MIND, brand as an experience that raises the choice of perfume to the status of a ceremony, almost as a Tea Ceremony…

Thus, was born the idea of OLFACTORY TEA ROOM, where one experiences the scent and the taste of tea and develops the olfactory impression through a collection of exceptional fragrances perfectly going along with teas. Both tea and perfume are making you feel good, awakening the sensuality and creativity. In the process of selection, you alter your state of mind, elevating the energy and refining your identity.

Experience awakening the sensuality and creativity

In the process of selection you alter your state of mind, elevating the energy and refining your identity. The tea ceremony is the time for reflection dominated by ideas of harmony, respect, purity and tranquility. STATE OF MIND describes a place where we can redefine ourselves through the senses, combining the art of tea with the philosophy and art of perfumery.