A brand for the synesthetes

STATE OF MIND is a brand for the synesthetes. STATE OF MIND pays tribute to the phenomenon of synesthesia, an involuntary association of different sensory modes. When you taste the Tea you will smell the Perfumes, while smelling the Fragrances you will imagine the States of Soul, thinking of the States of Soul you will have a Taste in mouth that will remind you a Color.

“I thought I heard the moonlight singing in the woods.”

Taste, intimately linked to smell

The perception of taste is intimately linked with smell and in everyday language the word “taste” often encompasses both. Primary tastes: Salty, Sweet, Bitter, Acid are supplemented by olfactory receptors. Retro-olfaction, the physiological mechanism allowing the perception in the olfactory system of aromatic characteristics called food tastes. The aromas follow a trajectory which passes through the puck to arrive in the epithelium of the nasal cavities.

“If I eat a pink cake, the taste is pink; the light sweet fragrance and the smoothness of the butter cream are pink. So I eat pink as I see sweet. “

Jean Paul Sartre