Fragrantica ESXENCE 2024: Oriental Opulence by STATE OF MIND

03.13.2024 I Written by Igor Masyukov

New article on perfume magazine Fragrantica ESXENCE 2024 presence of State of Mind — Oriental Opulence new fragrances

Unveiled at Esxence 2024 in Milan, ORIENTAL OPULENCE by State of Mind is a new intense woody ambery perfume inspired by Sheherazade, the ballet of Rimski-Korsakov, directed by Diaghilev in 1909.

To deepen the understanding of different outlooks and tastes, the brand celebrates abundance, ease, splendor, fortune, luxury, prosperity, wealth, and superabundance in an Oriental way.

Catherine Laskine-Balandina, State of Mind’s creator, was inspired by the artistic figures of Serge Diaghilev and Paul Poiret and aims to write a new page in the vision of the Orient and highlight the nobility of this mindset, a secret known only to the people from the region — Oriental Opulence.

Fragrantica ESXENCE 2024

Notes: Bergamot, Prickly pear, Cranberries, Ceylan Tea, Rose of Taif, Rose of Jericho, Damask Rose, Akigalawood, Oud, Patchouli, Vetiver, Saffron, Amber, Nard

Oriental Opulence is about sweetening tea with sugar and rest with music; about words with compliments, life with wishes for happiness and prosperity, a narrative with a myth, and a fragrance with rose — even if the rose is not enough. One must add a unique, rare rose that no one has thought to put in a perfume before: the Rose of Jericho

It is this rose that will make the perfume Oriental Opulence legendary. It is also called the Tree of Miriam or the Rose of Mary, a desert plant that indicates water and symbolizes life and fertility.

ORIENTAL OPULENCE by State of Mind will be available in early autumn 2024.

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Photo by Igor Masyukov

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