Floral Spicy

Top: Oolong Tea, Mandarin, Green Tea Pearls
Heart: Jasmine, Immortelle, Red Pepper
Base: Licorice, Labdanum

Aesthetic Turbulence Perfume 100ml from State Of Mind. This perfume has a true magical formula. It inspires by a permanent research of perfection, characterized by the spectacular appeal of Immortelle, Green Tea, Jasmine, Red Pepper, Pimento and Labdanum. Aesthetic Turbulence fragrance is part of the State of Mind legend of seduction. It embodies a strong character and audacity, fascination and enchantment. You will find in this Spicy Floral fragrance, the aromas of Oolong tea, Mandarin as well as green tea pearls. The top notes are those that we feel at first. You will then have the pleasure to dicover the heart notes, those that give the personality of the perfume. These are Jasmine, Everlasting Flower and Red Pepper. Finally come the base notes in which you can recognize the scents of Liquorice and Labdanum. The base note is the one that lasts the longest because it fixes the perfume. The Aesthetic Turbulence perfume bottle is coated with a color plating, whose cap is made of crystal and magnetic. If you turn it over, you can discover an original drawing by Alfons Mucha where our logo is engraved with hot gold. It required no less than 33 manual operations, which makes it a unique jewel. Turbulence is what allows us to transform reality into beauty. It is through aesthetic conflicts that art is born. This kind of turbulence can't stand the wrong notes. This artistic consciousness leads to aesthetic harmony in all areas: art, perfume, allure, design, cuisine, literature and of course love.