French Gallantry collection

French Gallantry


Guillaume Apollinaire wrote in 1915 in Les Trois Don Juan, that “well-born man could be recognized by two qualities: courage and gallantry”.
Earlier, in 1847, Auguste Guyard declared in the Quintessence that “the gallant women make daring lovers”.

STATE OF MIND celebrates in FRENCH GALLANTRY these chivalrous origins and its art of mixing seriousness with a touch of madness.

French Gallantry Perfume

French Gallantry could serve as  a model of  perfumed harmony. The vigorous freshness of the tomato and basil arises on the intense notes of Laurel, Oregano , Thyme. The subtle combination of Kenya Black Tea and Clary Sage with Heliotrope offers a sensual trail of amber and smoked Wood. The French Gallantry perfume reveals and emphasizes the charisma, strength and elegance of the wearer.

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French Gallantry Perfume
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