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L’Ame Slave


She is deep, mysterious, romantic, warm, independent, at once wild, mad, melancholic, pure, honest, spontaneous, and sometimes naive, often subtle and refined. Eventually also highly individualistic. The ingredient of the Slavic Soul is limitless courage. Yet, it is hard to compromise. White is white, black is black. Moral standards are deeply engraved.

In the Slavic Soul, it is the heart that rules! It is the heart that wins the reason!

L'Ame Slave Perfume

L'ÂME SLAVE (Slavic Soul) is a Woody Amber fragrance comprising notes of Bergamot and Mock Orange, with a hint of Cornflower, all based on PUERH tea, the aromas of Steppe Herbs, Honey and Siberian Cedar and Birch. The creation of this exceptional perfume was inspired by Rachmaninoff's second concerto. All in all, contrasted, instinctive, sensual and delicate, this composition impresses and plunges into the depths of the mysterious Slavic soul.

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L'Ame Slave Perfume
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