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L’Ame Slave


She is deep, mysterious, romantic, warm, independent, at once wild, mad, melancholic, pure, honest, spontaneous, and sometimes naive, often subtle and refined. Eventually also highly individualistic. The ingredient of the Slavic Soul is limitless courage. Yet, it is hard to compromise. White is white, black is black. Moral standards are deeply engraved.

In the Slavic Soul, it is the heart that rules! It is the heart that wins the reason!

L'Ame Slave Perfume

Shaped by an accord of Bergamot and Seringa, joined by Corn Flower, it lies on a bed of grass of the Steppes, White Birch Tree and Cedar Wood of Siberia. L’Ame Slave is born from of Rachmaninov’s Second Concerto. Contrasting, instinctive, wild in a way and resolutely sensual, L’Ame Slave holds you deeply inside as a dimension that you will always transgress to reach the absolute.

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L’Ame Slave
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