Discovery Kit contains 13 luxury perfume samples of the entire State of Mind collection including the latest creation FANFARONE ITALIANO.


State of Mind french luxury perfume house proposes to discover it's collection by testing 13 niche artistic fragrances. After ordering State of Mind Discovery Kit you will receive a 15% discount code for the purchase of the 100 ml perfume of your choice.


State of Mind Discovery Kit contains 13 luxury perfume samples : Modern Nomad (Woody Leather), Natural Elegance (Modern Chypre), Sense of Humor (Green Citrus), Aesthetic Turbulence (Floral Spicy), Creative Inspiration (Powdery Spicy), Voluptuous Seduction (Floral Opulent), Secret of Success (Aromatic Fruity), Butterfly Mind (Enticing Floral Fruity), L'Ame Slave (Woody Amber Green), Spontaneous Generosity (Oriental Gourmand), French Gallantry (Fresh Aromatic Woody), Open Mind (Woody Aquatic) and Fanfarone Italiano (Oriental Gourmand Amber).


Original State of Mind Concept - Blending the timeless ritual of the Tea Ceremony with the Art of Perfumery


Perfume beyond being a symbol of pleasure, elegance and wealth, has a strong influence on our state of mind. This fascinating perfume's property is being further explored through this new State of Mind collection. Tea, similarly to Perfume, brings you to a joyful state, energises or calms you down. It helps you discover your personal image and awakens your artistic skills. Both Tea and Perfume generate emotions and feelings affecting our thoughts. lt is a well-known fact that when you feel good you attract people, events and circumstances that enrich your life. By choosing your Tea and your Perfume, you influence your state of mind, create your energy and your identity.


Let' s discover what would be the fragrant expression of inspiration, mystery, poetry, courage, curiosity or nomad state of mind.

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