Woody Amber Green Fragrance

Top: Bergamot, Lemon, Seringa
Heart: Ginger, Honey, Vanilla
Base: Pu-erh Tea, Siberian Cedar, Birch / Santal

Woody Green Perfume L’AME SLAVE, by STATE OF MIND

The amber green woody scent L’ÂME SLAVE was developed by perfumer Karine Dubreuil. The STATE OF MIND house has entrusted all its olfactory creations to its expert nose.

Bergamot, Lemon and Syringa give a first glimpse of the character of the perfume of L’ÂME SLAVE. They combine the freshness and intensity of citrus fruits with the honeyed sweetness of Syringa.

"The Slav is deeply sentimental. He is tragically fatalistic."

The heart notes are part of the continuity of the aroma of Syringa. These are Ginger, Honey and Vanilla. They bring a spicy, but also delicate touch to the perfume. They soften the top notes.


Then come the powerful base notes. Pu'erh Tea offers an earthy and complex aroma, reminiscent of the forest. The Sobacha gives off a toasty and warm smell. Siberian Cedar diffuses a woody and resinous fragrance, reminiscent of vast expanses of forest. Birch evokes green leaves and an invigorating sensation. Sandalwood combined with Oud Wood gives off a creamy and soothing aroma.


Siberia has vast expanses of wilderness, dense forests bordered by majestic mountains. The air of Siberia is pure and fresh, loaded with woody, floral and herbaceous scents. Siberian Cedar and Birch symbolize the scent of this country in the L’ÂME SLAVE perfume.


Other symbolic ingredients are part of this composition. For example, Sobacha. It is a drink prepared from roasted buckwheat seeds. Sobacha is prized for its rich, roasted flavor, as well as its health-promoting properties. It originated in Siberia and later spread to East Asia and Russia. Here is another key to the symbols of this artistic fragrance: gingerbread, the famous "prianik". It accompanies the tea often taken around a samovar. Its recipe contains Honey, Cardamom, Ginger and Vanilla.


STATE OF MIND fragrances are suitable for women and men.


The 10 ml spray is exclusively sold on the brand's website. Its small and refillable format offers the possibility of being easily transported. Its golden triangular packaging pleases with its playful side. Simultaneously, each fragrance is presented in 100 ml, 40 ml and 20 ml. In addition, the exceptional fragrance SENSE OF HUMOR is also available as a sample as well.