Woody Leather

Top: Grilled Hojicha Tea, Rose, Yunnann Black&Puerth Tea
Heart: Plum, Amber, Patchouli
Base: Leather, Oud, Vanilla

Discover the Modern Nomad Luxury Mind Set by State Of Mind.
Box containing Perfume and Tea
100ml MODERN NOMAD Perfume: Powerful fragrance, hinting at carefree, pleasant souvenirs of travels where the time stands still. Modern Nomad contains notes of Grilled Hojicha Tea and Amber. It reveals a subtle blend of Patchouli, Oud and sensuality of Leather and Cashmere. 100gr MODERN NOMAD Tea in Metal Box: Modern Nomad tea combines 3 black teas chosen for their aromatic compounds: Japanese grilled Hojicha, Black Yunnan and Yunnan Puerh. Hojicha leaves are grilled in a bamboo basket heated over burning firewood, which contributes to the dried longing aroma and smoky flavour. Modern Nomad perfumed tea has a crisp and edgy refreshing smoky flavor, and sweetness, thanks to Vanilla and Rose.