Green Citrus Fragrance

Top: Peach, Blackcurrant Leaves, Musk
Heart: Darjeeling, Cedrat, Maté
Base: Mandarin, Coriander, Cedar Wood

SENSE OF HUMOR, a fresh citrus fragrance from STATE OF MIND

The fresh citrus fragrance, SENSE OF HUMOR is a concentrate of euphoria and exoticism, a potion of humor and vitality. It surprises the sense of smell first with notes of Maté, Darjeeling and Blackcurrant leaves then reveals its lemony side with touches of Cedrat, Mandarin and Peach. Everything is accentuated by Cedar wood, but the real surprise comes with Coriander.

The master of comedy, William Shakespeare, considered humor to be the best way to be in society.


SENSE OF HUMOR is a concentrate of euphoria and exoticism, an energy potion, a real elixir against grumpy people.


The associated illustration represents a couple doing the Charleston, an emblematic dance of the second half of the 1920s. It's the dance of the Golden Age of jazz and Art Deco – the Roaring Twenties. The younger generation of that time wanted to forget the years of deprivation. This dance was a way to express their joy of life and the desire to have fun. It is therefore naturally that Charleston was linked to the fresh and vitaminized perfume SENSE OF HUMOR.


The illustration is in the catalog of the brand, it is also the motif of the SENSE OF HUMOR shawl. Woven in silk twill and rolled by hand, it is suitable for both women and men.


In this fresh citrusy fragrance, you find the top notes of Mandarin, Peach and Blackcurrant Leaves. You will then discover the heart notes, which give the perfume its personality. These are Darjeeling and Cedrat, but also Maté. Finally come the base notes with a woody-green trail - Coriander and Cedarwood.


The 100 ml format is the house's bestseller product and its largest format. Each fragrance is presented in 40 ml, 20 ml and 10 ml formats. The exceptional fragrance SENSE OF HUMOR is also available as a sample.


The triangular bottle of the exceptional SENSE OF HUMOR perfume is a beautiful emerald green colour. It is engraved with hot gold. The crystal cover is magnetized. Its manufacture required no less than 33 manual operations. The refined design makes the bottle a unique jewel.