Enticing Floral Fruity

Top: Bai Mu Dan White Tea, Sakura
Heart: Feijoa Fruit, Hazelnut Leaves
Base: Cherry, Musk

Butterfly Mind Perfume, Fruity Floral fragrance, 100ml from State Of Mind.

“Butterfly love is similar to rushing water: it falls, it rolls, it runs away murmuring:  

it will dry up losing the source. Born from a storm, it has its length of time.   

Pierre-Joseph Bernard 


BUTTERFLY MIND is full of vitality and light, it evokes the awakening of nature in spring and its eternal renewals, a fickle spirit, a love affair, a crush, a heart that beats faster. It is a fresh floral and fruity luxury fragrance. As this is author perfumery, it is important to mention that this composition is inspired by a book: "The unbearable lightness of being" by Milan Kundera with a deep questioning of the balance to be maintained between the light, reputed to be futile, but also free and happy and the heavy one which, although difficult to exercise, brings authenticity, seriousness and meaning to a life. 

Smell and admire the balance of this alluring light fruity floral fragrance. You will find the aromas of Japanese cherry blossom, Sakura, but also Chinese white tea Bai Mu Dan. It's the top notes, the ones you smell at the beginning that create a beautiful harmony. You will then have the pleasure of discovering the heart notes, which give this perfume its personality. These are the exotic Feijoa fruit and Hazel leaves and White Tea. To finish come the base notes in which you will be able to recognize the scents of Cherry and White Musk to complete this composition and make it unforgettable in its image of the lightness of a butterfly, but at the same time with a soft and persistent presence. The Musk plays the essential role here, it fixes the perfume and guarantees its long hold. 

The 100 ml format is the flagship product of the Maison STATE OF MIND as well as its largest format – you can find each fragrance available in 40 ml, 20 ml and 10 ml formats, as well as in sample form. 

The bottle of the exceptional perfume BUTTERFLY MIND is lacquered in the same delicate mauve color as its magnetic cap, which gives it the appearance of a jewel bottle made of hand-polished crystal and engraved with hot gold. In the background we can see a Vestal, a Guardian Angel, a Soul which is also the logo of the STATE OF MIND brand. This character is hidden at the bottom to underline the duality and close connection between the State of Mind symbolized by the triangular and mathematical cap and the State of Soul, abstract and elusive. This character is inspired by a triangular pencil drawing by Alfonse Mucha.