Powdery Spicy

Top: Bergamot, Oolong Tea, Iris
Top: Pimento, Jasmine, Rice Powder
Base: Musk, Sandalwood, Licorice

Creative Inspiration Perfume 100ml from State Of Mind. This perfume is sensual and luminous. It invites you to reach the unknown, to invent, to create, to walk along your dreams, to be on first-name terms with art and creativity. This perfume opens on Bergamot to show its heart of iris and natural Sandal Wood. It was chosen for its softness and its exoticism. The formula was enhanced and perfectly finished with the Pimento and Baie Roses. You will find first in this Spicy Powder perfume, the aromas of Bergamot, Oolong tea and Iris. The top notes are those that we feel at first. You will then have the pleasure to discover the heart notes, the ones that give the personality of the perfume. These are Jasmine, Rice Powder but also Pepper. Finally come the base notes in which you can recognize the scents of Musk, Sandalwood and Liquorice. The base note is the one that lasts the longest because it fixes the perfume. The Creative Inspiration perfume bottle is coated with a color plating, the cap of which is made of crystal and magnetized. If you turn the bottle over, you can discover an original drawing by Alfons Mucha, this is the logo engraved with hot gold. It required no less than 33 manual operations, which makes it a unique jewel. To have a creative life, you have to overcome the fear of failure. Some feel the rain on their skin, others are simply wet. Some smell a perfume, others travel to imaginary exotic destinations.