Powdery Spicy Perfume

Top: Bergamot, Oolong Tea, Iris
Top: Pimento, Jasmine, Rice Powder
Base: Musk, Sandalwood, Licorice

The Powdery Floral fragrance CREATIVE INSPIRATION, of the house of niche perfume STATE OF MIND

Discover the French niche fragrance CREATIVE INSPIRATION by State Of Mind, a Powdery Floral fragrance designed and produced in France. This olfactory masterpiece embodies the very essence of creativity, capturing the unknown and stimulating the imagination.

The Powdery Floral fragrance CREATIVE INSPIRATION opens with sparkling, elegant notes of Bergamot, a fresh signature that sets the stage for a delicate heart of Iris and Sandalwood, offering an exotic, refined olfactory experience. This unique, niche fragrance subtly blends floral and powdery notes, creating an elegant and sophisticated sensory composition.


  "The fragrance is inspired by the fascinating story of "Novecento" by the Italian novelist Alessandro Baricco," says designer Catherine Laskine-Balandina." Our perfumer Karine Dubreuil-Séréni has developed a fragrance that arouses deep emotions. Novecento's creativity is nourished by the endless sea horizon, so soaring that the character of Novecento has never even set foot on dry land. He is not touched by the fear of creative failure. Actually, his inspiration is both abstract and immutable, like a sunset on the sea. The character is kind and responsive, gentle, and vulnerable. "A spicy powdery fragrance embodies its character well.


Moreover, the bottle, a veritable jewel crafted with precision, is a tribute to the art of French perfumery. Coated with color plating, its magnetic crystal cap reflects State of Mind's commitment to artisanal quality. Its hot-gold engraving and Alfons Mucha's inspired drawing on the back make it a true exclusive jewel, the result of 33 manual operations.


CREATIVE INSPIRATION, undeniably a French niche fragrance, celebrates boldness and originality. Dare to explore the unknown, unleash your creativity and travel the unique olfactory paths of this powdery floral fragrance. Indeed an exceptional creation that transports you to imaginary exotic destinations. Enjoy an unparalleled olfactory experience and plunge into the enchanting aromatic composition of CREATIVE INSPIRATION, a true French olfactory treasure.