Oriental Gourmand Fragrance

Top: Assam Black Tea, Summer Flush Fig, Tonka Bean
Heart: Peru Balsam, Benzoin, Coumarin
Base: Cherry, Sandalwood, Caramel

SPONTANEOUS GENEROSITY, Caramel Sandalwood Fragrance by STATE OF MIND.


Benevolence, devotion and generosity, these are the qualities that SPONTANEOUS GENEROSITY expresses, stages and materializes. This luxury Caramel Sandalwood Fragrance is produced in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery. SPONTANEOUS GENEROSITY belongs to the family of Oriental Gourmands Perfumes. It recreates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, a soft and subtle intimacy. 


It is a complex symphony of aromas and scents that combine to create a unique sensory experience. The top notes are a colorful harmony – spicy aroma of Assam Black Tea, softened by sweet touches of Fig and Tonka Bean. The breath of the heart notes brings softness and depth – Peruvian Balsam, Benzoin and Coumarin create a reassuring and warm aura. The base notes of the fragrance reveal nuances of Cherry and Sandalwood, which add a woody and fruity touch to the composition. The final note is the delicious Caramel, which creates a gourmet and comforting finish. 


The Indian black Assam Tea associated to the fragrance is a timeless classic tea. Its sober power is underlined by notes of Caramel and Rose. 


SPONTANEOUS GENEROSITY Spray 10 ml is sold in a playful and geometric golden packaging. The bottles in the Art Deco style bear the illustrations of different States of Mind. This is the new perfume format from Maison State of Mind, exclusively sold on the brand's website. It has been designed with "on the go" in mind. Its small and refillable format offers the possibility of being easily transported in a handbag or travel bag. 


You can find the SPONTANEOUS GENEROSITY Caramel Sandalwood Fragrance in 100, 40 and 20 ml formats, as well as in sample.