Floral Opulent Perfume

Top: Lys Blanc de la Madone, Rooibos, Apple
Heart: Truffles, Rose Velour, Eglantine
Base: Sandalwood, Cedar Wood

Floral Woody Perfume VOLUPTUOUS SEDUCTION, Niche Perfume House STATE OF MIND

VOLUPTUOUS SEDUCTION is an opulent floral fragrance composed by Karine Dubreuil, a famous perfumer from Grasse.

The STATE OF MIND House combines the heritage of two fragrant capitals: Grasse and Versailles. It perpetuates the elegance and tradition of niche perfumery, specific to the royal city of Versailles. And at the same time relies on the know-how of the Provençal city. The brand's perfumes are made in Grasse.

The exoticism of Rooibos and the freshness of Apple form the top notes of this rose fragrance. They are then overwhelmed by the intense bouquet of Velvet Rose, White Lily of the Madonna and Eglantine. Sandalwood gives off a rich, sweet, woody and slightly spicy smell. Its scent is soothing, meditative and deeply relaxing. With Cedarwood they form the final accord sublimated by Truffle.

Sandalwood is an essence appreciated for its warm, woody, creamy and sensual aroma. The STATE OF MIND House chooses Santhal Wood because of its rarity. It is a precious and expensive ingredient in perfumery. It is extracted from the Santalum album tree, also called white sandalwood or Indian sandalwood.


In a process of choosing your perfume, STATE OF MIND is adept at non-verbal communication. Our perfume represents us in the same way as our gestures, our mimicry or our clothes. It is for this reason that it is fundamental to interpret each name of the brand's perfume. VOLUPTUOUS SEDUCTION embodies seduction in its Voltairian reading. Elevated to the rank of an art, it then becomes an indirect and subtle form of power. It can overthrow empires, win elections and free great minds.


Catherine says: “The idea was to ensure that the theme of LOVE was addressed without naming it. VOLUPTUOUS SEDUCTION is fashioned in the image of the novel “Seta-Soie” by Alessandro Barico. It is a love fable set against the backdrop of the Silk Road in 19th century Japan. It is interesting to note that this route popularized tea in the West.”


The 10 ml spray is exclusively sold on the brand's website. It was designed in the “on the go” spirit. Its small and refillable format offers the possibility of being easily transported. You can also find VOLUPTUOUS SEDUCTION in 100ml, 40ml and 20ml formats. Also available as a sample – 1.5ml.


It is sold in a playful and geometric golden packaging, in the Art Deco style. STATE OF MIND perfumes are suitable for both women and men.