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Natural Elegance


Audrey Hepburn’s Secrets of Beauty: To have beautiful eyes, look for generous persons around you. To have a slim waist, share your meal with those who are hungry. To have beautiful hair, let a child roam his fingers through your hair. To be serene, walk knowing that you are never walking alone. The beauty of a woman is not in her dresses, figure or hair style, but in her eyes, the door to her heart.”

Natural Elegance Perfume

Both long-lasting and sophisticated, Natural Elegance is steeped in the legacy of luminous inner beauty. It is a reflection of magnetic balance between simplicity and elegance of an alluring woman. This true harmony is composed of Green Yunnan tea, expressive Osmanthus and juicy Apricot, twisted by a hint of Patchouli and reinforced by Ambroxan.

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Natural Elegance
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