Floral Spicy Fragrance

Top: Oolong Tea, Mandarin, Green Tea Pearls
Heart: Jasmine, Immortelle, Red Pepper
Base: Licorice, Labdanum



The so-called “niche” artistic perfume, AESTHETIC TURBULENCE is a truly surprising creation. This Spicy Designer Fragrance, like its illustration, evokes artistic extravagance. The first chords of this perfume offer the freshness and vitality of Bergamot and Mandarin. Sublimating this introduction, the delicate aromas of 2 Green Teas, Jasmine Pearls and Oolong, blend harmoniously.


The heart of this spicy floral fragrance is formed by the intoxicating notes of Jasmine, Immortelle and Red Pepper. Jasmine exudes its bewitching charm. Immortelle, or Everlasting Flower, expresses floral softness and animal facets. Red Pepper brings a spicy and fiery dimension. Together, they create an olfactory symphony that leaves no one indifferent. It enchants the senses and leaves an indelible imprint on olfactory memories.


The base notes add a unique signature to this perfume composition. Liquorice exhales its mysterious sweetness, bringing an intriguing and gourmet touch. Labdanum unfolds its aromatic richness, offering warm, amber nuances that delicately envelop the skin.


STATE OF MIND expresses states of mind in perfumes, teas, diffusers, candles and silk scarves.


The circular composition and the dynamism of the illustration of AESTHETIC TURBULENCE comes from an engraving representing the confrontation of Kazakh horsemen. This work comes from the personal collection of the designer of the house, Catherine Laskine-Balandina.


The characters in the AESTHETIC TURBULENCE illustration and scarf could be Gatsby and Daisy by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby is in pursuit of perfection. He is in his quest for an ideal of happiness in his relationship with Daisy. His extravagance is flamboyant. Aesthetics seems to be of great importance. The American designer Walter Dorwin Teague said: “Beauty is an outward proof of inner rightness”.


Thus the AESTHETIC TURBULENCE scarf is the result of a long work of research and creation. It is a complex fusion of Art Deco references. For example, Léon Bakst's bright colors had a definite influence. The spheres around the characters evoke the perpetual movement of the constant search for harmony.


The fragrance combines the characteristics of floral and spicy scents. He is both charming and warm, extravagant and daring.


The 10 ml spray is exclusively sold on the brand's website. It was designed in the “on the go” spirit. Its small and refillable format offers the possibility of being easily transported. It is sold in a playful and geometric golden packaging.