Oriental Gourmand

Top: Assam Black Tea, Summer Flush Fig, Tonka Bean
Heart: Peru Balsam, Benzoin, Coumarin
Base: Cherry, Sandalwood, Caramel

Spontaneous Generosity perfume from State Of Mind, is an Oriental Gourmand Fragrance of modesty and true happiness. 

SPONTANEOUS GENEROSITY is a luxury fragrance that evokes generosity, modesty and true happiness, inspired by the qualities of the heroine of Tolstoy's "War and Peace", Natasha Rostova, a character who perfectly embodies generosity and love. for his neighbour. Generosity is interesting, as a continuation of kindness, nobility and selflessness. Remember when Natasha frees the horses and convoys for the wounded and thus renounces her dowry. 

Generosity is also in the way Alexander Pushkin writes to his nurse, it always creates an impression of cocoon, protection, comfort of a family home. 


Thus, the Oriental Gourmand Fragrance transcribes altruism through the sweet top notes of Assam black tea, Tonka bean and Fig. The sensitivity of the heart notes of Peruvian Balsam, Benzoin and Coumarin reinforce the goodness embodied by perfume. The subtle delicacy of Cherry and Caramel combined with the woody flavor of Sandalwood complete the natural grace of this fragrance. To wear this perfume is to let yourself be enveloped by an aura of benevolence and generosity, which will accompany you throughout the day. 

The originality of the 40ml format, also called TRAVEL SET, lies in its elegance and lightness – it is an octagonal black aluminum bottle which has 2 glass refills of 20ml. Designed for travel, it sits between the large 100ml format and the refillable 20ml Purse Spray. The 20 ml bottle of the exceptional SPONTANEOUS GENEROSITY perfume from STATE OF MIND is an octagonal bottle that opens like a lipstick. Its geometric and sober design, respecting the codes of ART DECO, is enhanced by the STATE OF MIND logo, present on the cap of the bottle. 

You can find the same fragrance in 100 ml, Purse Spray 20 ml and Spray 10 ml formats, as well as in the form of 1.5 ml samples.