Floral Opulent

Top: Lys Blanc de la Madone, Rooibos, Apple
Heart: Truffles, Rose Velour, Eglantine
Base: Sandalwood, Cedar Wood

Sensual Floral Fragrance VOLUPTUOUS SEDUCTION, Niche Perfume House STATE OF MIND

"It is still little to win, you have to know how to seduce" – Voltaire

Passionate, enchanting and radiant, VOLUPTUOUS SEDUCTION is a sensual floral fragrance around the Rose. It brings together the finest raw materials in a harmonious bouquet of flowers. VOLUPTUOUS SEDUCTION embodies seduction elevated to the rank of an art. This then becomes an indirect and subtle form of power. It can overthrow empires, win elections and free great minds.

"The idea was to make sure that the theme of LOVE was addressed in the most explicit way, but without pronouncing the word love". It is in the image of Alessandro Barico's novel "Seta-Soie" that VOLUPTUOUS SEDUCTION is shaped. This is a love fable set against the backdrop of the Silk Road in the 19th century. This route popularized tea in the West. In this short story-sized novel, PASSION, as well as characters and landscapes are implicit. The novel has this powerful power to tell a story of seduction and voluptuousness to be guessed as in the dark. »

Let yourself be carried away by the captivating evolution of this exceptional rose perfume. It begins with the exoticism of Rooibos, accompanied by the sparkling freshness of Apple.

At its heart, a magnificent floral bouquet comes to life. La Rose Velours exudes this intense  intoxicating fragrance. White Lily blends harmoniously with the delicate elegance of Eglantine. Finally, the fragrance reaches its final chord. Sandalwood unfolds, diffusing its velvety and sensual scent, evoking distant and mysterious horizons. It is joined by Cedarwood, with its earthy depth, bringing stability and captivating warmth.

As for the associated tea, it is a harmonious encounter between Rooibos, Rose, Apple and Eglantine. It stimulates the senses, without resorting to caffeine. This blend is composed by Olivier Scala in a spirit of seduction.

The 1.5 ml sample is a format intended to introduce STATE OF MIND perfumes. It is sold individually or in a box containing samples of all the brand's perfumes.

VOLUPTUOUS SEDUCTION Perfume is available in 100ml, 40ml, 20ml and 10ml. All STATE OF MIND fragrances are 20% concentrated.