Floral Opulent

Top: Lys Blanc de la Madone, Rooibos, Apple
Heart: Truffles, Rose Velour, Eglantine
Base: Sandalwood, Cedar Wood

Voluptuous Seduction Perfume 100ml from State Of Mind. This is a radiant, emotional and dazzling fragrance. It gathers the most noble raw materials in a unique, generous and harmonious floral bouquet. Built on a singular warmness of Rooibos and Lys, an excess of Rose and Eglantine, a touch of Truffles and a woody base of Santhal and Cedar reinforce its unique and natural structure. It is a trail and deeply charming fragrance. You will find in this Floral Opulent perfume the aromas of Rooibos and apple, which are the top notes, those that we smell at first. You will then have the pleasure to discover the heart notes, which give the personality of the perfume. These are the Velvet Rose, the wild rose and the white Madonna lily. Finally come the base notes in which you can recognize the scents of sandalwood and cedarwood. The base note is the one that lasts the longest because it fixes the perfume. A color plating coats the Voluptuous Seduction Parfum 100ml bottle, whose cap is in crystal and magnetic. The bottle is engraved with hot gold and if you turn it over, you can discover an original drawing by Alfons Mucha. It required no less than 33 manual operations, which makes it a unique jewel.